Septic Installation & Repair

Proper septic system installation is essential to keeping your building functioning properly. Your septic system filters water from every drain in your home or business, from sinks and tubs to toilets and laundry. If your septic system is not properly installed, it will not function properly, causing severe problems in your home. Warner Inspections are professional septic tank installation contractors that will ensure your septic system installation is done right the first time.

Whether you are constructing a new home and you need a long-lasting, reliable septic system so you can move in, or you want to modernize or install a new system to update your building, you can count on us. There are a number of important factors to consider when installing your septic tank, and the expert septic tank installation contractors will carefully consider every aspect of your system to ensure it will function properly for decades to come.

Septic systems often stay functioning even after many families have moved through the home. When you don’t have to think about your septic system, that is when it is working properly. Most families don’t know much about their septic system and they don’t have to. Warner Inspections knows the ins and outs of every septic system and can help you select a cost-efficient, durable system that will suit your home.

When installing a new system, it is important to consider the volume of wastewater moving through the building. The number of occupants, the number of bathrooms, the laundry systems and other types of plumbing will all affect the performance of the septic system. If there are a large number of people using the home at any given time, Warner Inspections will help you choose a high-volume system that won’t flood or backup when high wastewater volumes move through. Warner Inspections will assess your new home, the plumbing system and the number of occupants so you can select the right system. Warner Inspections will not upsell you or recommend a tank that you don’t need. You will have the best type of tank for your home at the most affordable price.

Correct septic system installation is even more important than choosing the right tank. A system that is not correctly installed will not function properly. Warner Inspections will install proper inlets, outlets and baffles to prevent clogging and indicate when the tank if full. The tank will be dug at the proper depth and the attached drain field will be installed at the correct incline to facilitate draining and filtering. With all components buried at the correct depth with the right incline, this will not only ensure that the system functions properly, but will also prevent premature damage to the tank. Burying the drain field at the right depth will also ensure that saturation of the surrounding area does not affect the function of the drain field. With years of experience, Warner Inspections has installed septic systems of all types and can install yours as well.

Before installing a septic system, the location of the tank and the drain field should also be carefully considered. Close proximity to trees can endanger the tank, drain field or attached components as roots may grow towards the tank and cause damage. If the building has a basement, the tank should also be located a safe distance from the building so to prevent water from leaking into the basement. Even without a basement, a drain field that is too close to the home could potentially damage the foundation and cause instability. The septic tank and drain field should also be located a safe distance from wells and streams, dry gulches and property lines. Warner Inspections will find the best place on your property to install the septic system and will secure the necessary permits. Warner Inspections can also help you choose between a plastic or concrete tank depending on the design of the septic system and the regulations in the area.

Your septic system is essential to keeping your home clean and comfortable. With a system that is properly installed, your septic tank, drain field and attached components will be built to last for decades and, with proper cleaning and maintenance, there will never be a problem. Installation from experienced contractors will ensure that the system will function on its own and safely filter wastewater away from your home and keep groundwater clean for decades. Warner Inspections will handle every step in the installation process, from permitting to equipment selection to planning, design, digging and installation.

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