Drone Aerial Inspections

Our team of professional home inspectors have the knowledge and technology to help homeowners in Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas to make great decisions.

A drone roof inspection may be included with our comprehensive home inspections, or can be completed separately for homeowners concerned about the condition of their current home or a home they are thinking of buying.  Our roof inspections include inspecting the roof coverings, valleys, flashing, ventilation, roof penetrations, and roof drainage.  They also include inspecting the roof structure in the attic, including looking for evidence of current or previous leaks.  Here’s some examples of the types of issues we investigate during this inspection:


Roof system evaluation

  • Are there missing or damaged shingles?
  • Is the flashing system stalled properly and in good condition?
  • Does your roof have dips or wavy spots that may indicate areas of concern?
  • Are there any indications in the attic of previous or current leaks?
  • Is the structure of the roof in good condition?


Chimney system evaluation

  • Is there missing flashing surrounding the chimney?
  • Is the chimney cap missing?
  • Are there cracks in masonry that could lead to water leaks or structural issues?


Gutter system evaluation

  • Are gutters clogged or blocked by debris?
  • What is the condition of the attachment points between gutters and downspouts?
  • Are there gaps between the gutter and roof line?
  • Are the gutters appropriately sized and sloped to drain water away from the house?

Once we complete our drone inspection, we’ll complete a detailed report with photos to document the condition of your roofing system. We’re fully insured and licensed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as sUAS pilots. We operate our drones with safety in mind while giving you the information you need to know about these hard-to-access locations. Our drone inspections are a valuable tool to help you make good decisions on the maintenance of your home.

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