Home Inspection is an integrated process of observation and report writing where definite procedures exists for inspecting and reporting each system and component of a home. In this process each step that your home inspector takes is a guided tour presented by the home itself. The home inspector is an observer or a guest on a quest of information gathering and discovery, a quest to acquire an understanding of the home as a system to ensure defect discovery.

There are two parts of an inspection, the actual field inspection and the home inspection report.  Experience, technical knowledge, and training allows the inspector to thoroughly inspect  and accurately report  defects related to the key systems of the home including: Structural Components, Wall Cladding, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Insulation, and Ventilation.

At Warner Inspections we work hard to inspect all aspects of your home to ensure that you are fully informed about any system or component that is not functioning as intended.

Meet Lee Warner

My name is Lee Warner, owner of Warner Inspections. I specialize in Residential Home Inspections for buyers and sellers. I have been active in the real estate market since 2017 and pay great attention to detail. Prior to Real Estate I was a private contractor for the Army Corps of Engineers and former Corrections and Law Enforcement Officer. I take pride in providing quality service to everyone I meet. I have an amazing wife by my side and three sweet children to care for. Warner Inspections has been a long time passion of mine to open. Let our family business serve you and your family with a thorough inspection of your property. Feel free to call or text. I look forward to meeting you.

Meet Brandon Stewart

My name is Brandon Stewart, I am an ICA graduate and an InterNACHI certified professional Inspector. I am licensed in North Carolina and Virginia and an IAC2 certified Radon and Mold inspector. We use the right tools coupled with building science to provide a quality service. With my knowledge of building,security services and personal experiences I am detail oriented. As a father of three and husband of fourteen years, I have been the buyer and seller and know the challenges faced with such a transaction. Let me help you!!